• Water Quality Studies for Surface and Ground Source Waters
  • Drinking Water Treatment Design
    • surface and ground water treatment and pilot studies
    • iron, manganese, arsenic, lead, copper, and nitrate removal
    • corrosion control
    • taste and odor control
    • perfluorinated compounds and trace organics removal
    • Legionella and other pathogens
  • Industrial Water Treatment Design
    • food, beverage, pharmaceutical, paper, semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing, data centers
    • cooling tower and boiler water
    • process water
    • demineralized water
    • ultra pure water
  • Water Treatment Technologies Utilized
    • coagulation, flocculation, oxidation
    • sedimentation, granular media filters, cartridge filters, MF/UF/NF membranes
    • granular, powder, biological activated carbon
    • demineralization, remineralization, ion exchange, water softening
    • desalination, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis
    • residuals management and brine treatment
    • distillation and evaporation
    • disinfection - chlorination, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, ultraviolet disinfection , advanced oxidation

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